Pinzgauer 710m

STEYR PUCH Pinzgauer 710M
Priced to Sell – $19,500 
Great Condition, Runs Excellent, Great Interior and exterior!
Call to Discuss Details 262-352-4467
Engine: 2.5 liter gas, 4 cylinder, air cooled, 90 HP
Transmission: Five forward gears, one backup gear
Transfer case with low gears
Shift on the fly to 4 wheel drive
Shift on the fly for differential lock (100%) front & rear
Suspension: Independent Pendel Axle front & rear coil springs
Dimensions: Length: 4175mm (164.0″) » 710M
Width: 1760mm (69.25″)
Height: 2100mm (82.75″)
Wheelbase: 2200mm (86.6″) » 710M
Ground Clearance: 335mm (13.25″)
Empty Weight: 1950kg (4300lbs.) » 710M
Payload: 1000kg (2200lbs.) » 710M
Electric: 24 Volt waterproof system
Trailer Hitch: Pintle hook with 24 Volt connector
Trailer Weight: max. 2250kg (5′000lbs.)
Fuel Tank: 1 tank @75 liter (20 gal.), 1 canister 20 liter (5 gal.)
Accessories: Spare Tire, Owners Manual
Color: Swiss Army green

p1 p2                                         p3                                                                                                            IMG_1777                                                        IMG_1778        IMG_1779                                               IMG_1781          IMG_1784                                          IMG_1785                                                                           IMG_1786



IMG_1740                                                       IMG_1739(1)



STEYR PUCH Pinzgauer 710M – 1973
Priced to Sell – $13,500 
Great Condition, Runs Great! Multi functioning as a flat bed truck oryou could easily  restore to an original 710M with the seats and top!
Call to Discuss Details 262-352-4467
IMG_3396(1)                                                    IMG_3398(1) IMG_3399(1)                                                    IMG_3400(1) IMG_3401(1)                                                IMG_3402(1)


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