Very Rare 712K Pinzgauer 6-wheel drive, SUV-type vehicle

This 1975 vehicle is very unusual. There are about 500 civilian Pinzgauers in this country. Most of them are 4-wheel drive pickup-type rigs (710M). There are a number of 6X6 pickup-types (712M), and a few 4X4 SUV-types (710K). There are a few 6X6 ambulances. To my knowledge, this is the only 6X6 SUV-type (712K) Pinzgauer in the US at the present time, except for one other, owned by the factory. A Pinzgauer must be at least 25 years old to be imported into the US for civilian use. These models have gasoline air-cooled engines. The frame is tubular. The front wheels can be engaged, giving 6-wheel drive. The rear 4 wheels are under power all the time. All differentials are lockable from the dash. The T-case has high and low range. The low/low ratio is about 65:1. Top highway speed of this rig is 63 miles per hour.
It carries 40 gallons of gasoline, 20 gallons in the main tank, and 5 gallons in each of 4 gas cans in separate racks on the outside of the vehicle. Highway mileage is from 10 to 15 miles per gallon, depending on conditions.  This vehicle is an excellent off-road rig, and is an ideal family-camping vehicle. It holds an amazing amount of equipment and supplies, because of the extra space afforded by the cab-over design.  Parts are readily available, through several dealers and importers in this country.
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  • Warn winch 8274, 24-volt, Custom bracket;
  • Hella lights, High intensity, Front and rear;
  • Dunlop tires, Mud Rovers,  LT255/85R16, Less than 3000 miles;
  • Petronix ignition;
  • Video system, Rear view, Right side view;
  • Custom skid plates, Left and right, Diamond plate and polypropylene;
  • Stereo system, Kenwood, CD changer, Cassette deck, On-dash remote
  • CB radio, Uniden
  • Sound deadening Foam, Front cab, Engine
  • Custom rear receiver hitch
  • Rear steps, Fold-down, Removable
  • Large custom storage cabinet
  • Gasoline heater, Eberspacher BN4, Completely refurbished
  • 24-12 volt converter
  • Multiple tie-down brackets in rear section
  • Tachometer
  • Generator, compartment;
  • Roof hatch, Opens over front passenger seat
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