2004 H1 Hummer


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   2004 H1 HUMMER

Priced to Sell – $85,000

As you can see from the pics this is a beautiful and highly sought after 2004 H1 Hummer Soft Top.
This truck has been garaged kept and babied.
This truck is in great condition and a looker and conversation starter.
This truck has the beautiful black/brown Alpha interior.
With so many extra options its set and ready to go. Little to be done.
Buy with confidence with this 2004 that you will not end up with some of the 2003 and all earlier year VIN that are known to have engine/block problems. Do your research on this.
This truck comes stock with
1) Winch
2) CTIS Central Tire Inflation System with on-board compressor and the ability to deliver compressed air to another vehicle.
3) Front and Rear Electronic Lockers
4) Power Windows and Door locks
5) Removable top to give the truck the convertible open air configuration.
6) Tow Strap
7) Original Owners Manual
Add ons galore
1) TV sets in the headrest for the rear passengers with headsets ( four total TV’s)
2) Beautifully bezel integrated video screen for front passenger. (See pics)
3) Two DVD players. 1st is a part of the main stereo/video system in front of the driver and the 2nd under the drivers seat. Switcher that allows the feeds to be sent to any of the video screen. This is great for families especially with kids.
4) Chains for snow conditions included in sale
5) Middle area removable seat. This is great for kids. This seat can also be removed to add more cargo space.
6) Tonneau cover for the rear truck bed.
7) Soft top wagon top extension. This allows you to extend the rear inside area and over the truck bed increasing loading space. Great for outdoor activity. (See Pics)
8) After market Kenwood double DIN deck with Video/DVD and Apple/iPod/iPad integration, bluetooth capable, satellite radio ready.
9) After market alarm system with long distance remote start. This feature allows you to start your car from outside allowing you to cool or heat your car before you get to it.
10) Tinted windows
11) Tow dingy ready with integrated RV Brakemaster system. This allows you to tow your truck behind an RV and use the trucks braking system along with the RV’s brakes.
Owned for the last 10 years. Taken care of and maintained at Mark Christopher Hummer in Southern California.
Please note the that the pictures of the truck’s odometer are not representative of the trucks total mileage which is currently 69000 miles. The history is that the speedometer was off by about 5 MPH on the top end. So Mark Christoper Hummer under warranty replaced the speedometer. The speedometer, odometer and tachometer are all one unit. So at the 38000-ish mile mark the unit was changed and a new unit installed. The truck bears an official Hummer sticker (as is standard) that shares this information. Please review pics. This can all be seen on official work order from Mark Christopher Hummer. A carfax check will show a mileage discrepancy since some of the maintenance visits the mileage was written down from the odometer without adding the original 38000 miles.
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