Pinzgauer 710k

 Pinzgauer 710k


Great condition, completely gone through, all fluids and filters changed. This is a very nice vehicle with a very solid body.

side-1_300x199-3Price: $23,500


Transmission: Manual


Five Forward Gears, One Backup Gear
Transfer Case with Low Gears
Shift on the Fly to 4 Wheel Drive
Shift on the Fly for Differential
IMG_3155Full Lockout


Independent Pendel Axles & Coil Springs


Length – 164.60″

Width – 69.30″
Height – 80.70″
Wheel Base – 86.50″
Ground Clearance – 13.20″
Fording Depth – 27.60″
IMG_3162Turning Circle – 31.20″

Maximum Output – 89 hp
Displacement – 152 ci
Cylinders – 4 inline
Fuel Tank Capacity – 20 Gallons
Fuel Consumption – 14 miles/Gallon

Maximum Speed – 60mph
Maximum People – 10

Empty Weight – 4299 lbs
Payload – 2205 lbs
Total Weight – 6504 lbs

IMG_3157Bed Length – 8′side-1_300x199





















Pinzgauer 710k – Diesel

Price: $30,000 SOLD


The most incredible Pinzgauer you will ever see, built by a meticulous German engineer in Germany.

1983 model 710 K Pickup…This is the only one made on the planet. 3 Doors, Crew Cab, Doka, 3 Doors for safety of passengers, 4 Cylinder, 2.5 Turbo Diesel with Inter-cooler, Power Steering, Hydraulic Air Assisted Brakes, Emergency Hand Brake Air Powered Air Horn, 10 Driving Lights for Off Road Driving, Pneumatic Assisted Low High Range Lever, Separate Hydraulic System to Power Snow Plow. 6ft Tool Air snorkel Hidden for Deep Water Penetration . Snow plow, Light Heavy Gauge Aluminum Reinforced by Still Frame, Wired for Winch,  Stereo System, Inclinometer, Two RPM Gauge, Excellent Heater. Two Radiators for optimum engine cooling, top of the line diesel engine also used in Fiat, Renault, Peugeot. Seating for 4 passengers. Comfortable insulated cab. Just installed a NEW style racing turbo  for more Horse Power and Higher Performance. New turbo is cooled by engine coolant, Also lubed by engine oil(new thing to me). You can play and make money plowing yours and your neighbors driveway! 4 New tires Firestone Street tires 31in tall. Heavy Duty Napa Battery. Just installed new water pump. Driver seat “Ricaro” heated seat., with lumbar support. Rims are wider then original for added stability. Complete transmission & undercarriage, original, nothing modified. You can pump tires from small tank (please see photo with pressure gauge). 8 quarts of Full Synthetic Oil. Minimal surface corrosion on are where lower part of the upper door meet with the upper part of the bo. Full Roll bar for your complete protection. It also has interesting feature when applying horn (driving lights go on as long as you are applying pressure to the horn). All oil topped off, ready for work or play. Truck is registered, clear title. Total 32,456 kilometers



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